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How to get selected for your Dream Internship 2017

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Internships are an integral part of your career that gives a boost to your CV/Resume and getting one is not an easy thing. Even it took me around two months to find and getting selected for an awesome internship that I always wanted. So here I want to share some excellent tips and tricks to get selected for your dream Internships (Bonus – I’ll include my internships experience too).

Things that will help to get you an Internship easily

1. Most Important thing –  Resume

Make sure you have a short and relating resume to the type of Internship you are applying. Like creativity matters for designers, website hacks for developers and more. In my case, I was the one applying for Digital Marketing, so my resume should be relating to Both Marketing and Website Stuff, I had to think something creative, and I made a resume website (

Now coming back to the point, The resume is the most significant thing which defines you in front of the company or the recruiter at first. On an average, Recruiters spend only 6-7 seconds on a particular Resume, looking at just Name, Skills, Experience (if any) and Qualification. That’s it. They don’t take a second to put your good resume in the dustbin if it stands nowhere among others.

Make sure your resume is one of the best among others.

Things included in a Resume

  1. Contact details
  2. Career Objective
  3. Achievements
  4. Work Experience (if any)
  5. Interests/Skills
  6. Referees
  7. Personal Characteristics

get selected for dream internship for boosting resume/cv

2. Apply for the Internship that suits you the best

Most of the Summer Internships period start from May or June and rest till July or August end. Now select the Internship that best suits your college vacation time or take some permission for official internship leave from your College’s T&P cell.

In my case, I am very passionate about Marketing, So there were some specific things that I look for while applying for an internship (Place, Timings, Paid or unpaid, Company that I am interning with, and many others)

Now choose as per your requirements, Place, Paid or Unpaid, Timings, and according to your zone. Remember, never look for your comfort zone, because this will never help you learn and earn in future. It doesn’t matter you are doing an Internship or not if you are always looking for your comfort.

Wisely look for company’s requirement, skills required, work from home or in office internship! Only apply for those Internships that suits according to you.

3. Dig into Company

Now it is crucial to get to know the Company/Startup you are interning with. Never make this mistake of getting to know about them, if you are going for an interview after getting selected at first step. Otherwise, you will be rejected just at the beginning if they ask you about their company/idea.

Dig every information that relates your job position and company. Also find some problems that company is facing in that area. Digging every information will give a positive effect in front of the interviewer if they ask about it. Also, not every person uncover this information, so you will have an advantage over them of getting selected.

Get selected to your dream internship easily

4. Kick Start in College

College experience (working as a volunteer or with a startup) matters the most for an internship as we people in college don’t have that chances to gain any experience outside.

Working with a startup is the best thing to gain any experience, as they always have something to learn new.

Volunteering can also help you gain some hard-core experience, working for an event or any social cause. It will get you Certificates.

But most of the college students have this misconception that working hard with these volunteering team and getting the certificate in return is better than anything. They are wrong. It won’t! As they won’t gain any skills in that particular field instead what they can learn in by working in a startup.

5. Join a Professional Network

Join LinkedIn professional network, make sure your profile is up-to-date. Follow and connect with relevant persons in your network and category to gain some strength.

Designers join Dribble Designer’s Network.

Developers join Reddit Network.

So these were the tips! For getting selected for your dream internship. Connect with me for more