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Infographic: Best Startup/Idea Pitching Presentation

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

This contains about your personal profile. Keep in mind to keep this short as you are here to tell about your startup and telling all about you will make it irrelevant and boring. Just some brief points about you and why are you in here for the pitch.

2. Team

If you have a team behind your idea, showcase them here with their names, roles and a little brief information about them will work. Make sure to include photographs and their designated roles.

3. Problem

Of course, you are here to pitch the idea and get funding or what so ever, But try to pitch the problem and relate it with your surrounding. Make sure the problem is a real one and is known to the Pitching Desk.

4. Advantages

You may be thinking that after telling the problem we should move to solution slide, but no, nowadays everyone is coming with an idea, and there is 100% chance that your idea may be same to the other person also. So we have to keep a step further from them, Advantages slide will help you out to distinguish yourselves from the other idea. Include how unique you are and what good features you offer that other don’t.

5. Solution

Describe your idea and the solution, how it will help the targeted area, what people will be affected, how they will be affected. Make sure the solution or the idea is effective enough and the way of solving the problem is unique, if not unique it must have an advantage in other factors like time-saving, cost-saving and more.

6. Product/Service

Explain your Product/Service, it’s features, it’s working, instead show a demonstration that will give out the idea, the best way is a demo video that is explaining your product.

7. Target Market

Know your target market, demographics (target age, gender, income class, etc), that you are targeting to sell your product or service.

8. Competition

This will distinguish your services/product from others, your offerings, your unique deliverability, and design. Try to include at least one competitor and maximum 3 competitors. Make a table for all and distinguish yourself from the others on the basis of features and offerings.

9. Business Model

Now that you are asking investors for funding through this pitching, you must include all the sources of revenues, make a table and list out the revenue generation sources for each year. If your model is non-profit, you can remove this slide.

10. Financing

What is your budget and the type of funding you are looking for, angel, seed depending on your stage of development. Make a table which constitutes of the money allocation to different sectors of your startup.

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