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4 most effective steps to converting leads into High Paying Customers

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Win more business for your agency with these tips on how to find prospects, approaching them, and convert leads into high paying customers.

Listen before talking


Before making any contact with any lead, you should always examine how their business operates.

  • Sign up to their newsletter for updates
  • Follow them on social media, but don’t spam
  • Go through their sales funnel
  • Read their website copy; what are they up to
  • Analyze their marketing campaigns; which will help you research them in deep

This research helps you to be more targeted in your approach. What are they missing? What could you do to help improve their tactics which will help grow their customers or sales?

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Use landing pages

Landing pages give you a space to sell individual services. For example, if you’re offering AdWords services to a lead, sending them to a dedicated page that highlights your success with previous accounts
will capture their attention far more than your homepage.

The best landing pages include:

  • Engaging, scannable copy; targeting & attracting potential users
  • Relevant case studies or testimonials; success stories are the best approaches
  • A clear CTA (call to action); a direct pitch to an indirect offer

The Best Landing Page Softwares are:

There are a lot of great agencies out there, and competition is fierce. It’s key that you highlight your strengths in the right context.

Build your online influence

Writing guest content reinforces your brand, and promotes your agency to a wider audience.

Identify popular industry blogs and send them an introductory email. If they’re looking for contributions, then send them some suggestions for blogs you could write.

Guest blogs demonstrate your industry knowledge, while also building strong backlinks to your website. These links will improve your search engine ranking and provide a free and consistent source of inbound leads.

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Be Honest and Concise


When introducing yourself to new leads, get to the point quickly. If you spend the first paragraph of an email using sales-speak, then it’s destined for the spam folder.

Stick to the following agenda:

  • We notice you have an issue; state their problem with its solution in next step
  • We have a solution that can help; propose how it will solve the problem
  • We’ve done similar work for X and Y; your references
  • Read testimonials about the good work we did here; success stories
  • This is how to contact us; the easiest way to reach your agency

Remember, they’re only interested in how you can help them. Adding more detail than that just clouds your offering.

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