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How to create a PERFECT Winning Pitch for Startups/Agencies

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Well creating an impact in Investor’s mind is one of the most daunting tasks out there. No Investors or Capitalists will ever easily get convinced over your Idea for the very first time. You may have to buckle up several times to create a winning impact in order to succeed.

Today I have curated some amazing Guide to create a winning pitch for your Startup or Idea. You can also read this Infographic on How to make a Startup Pitching Presentation


Evaluate the Opportunity

  1. Check Viability!
    Before you invest in a pitch, check whether it’s the right opportunity for your startup and its objectives.
  2. Be a Detective
    Make sure the brief is clear, and find out who you’re pitching against, Get to know about your panel.
  3. Be Interactive
    Never be afraid to ask questions about the brief so you’re 100% clear on what is being asked, and till the time frame the question in your mind, be quick.
  4. Building your Dream Team
    Build a core team of experts who work on every pitch. They can then bring in other relevant people when needed.
  5. Focus on the right goal
    Your aim should not be to ‘win’ against other agencies. But to make an impact and to deliver the right solution for the potential clients.


Creating the Perfect Pitch

  1. What’s your USP?
    Be clear about what differentiates your agency, your “USP”. What do you believe in and how does that influence what you offer, be sure about the delivery of the services?
  2. Know their problem
    Focus on the client’s problem and how you can help (leave the ego in the office!), or be ready to get back bare handed.
  3. Be realistic
    Only promise things you know you can deliver, remember the deliverability.
  4. Stick to the budget
    Make sure you know the budget and offer a solution that fits it, always present within their budget. You can later negotiate to increase as per the services.
  5. Creating a long-lasting impact
    Be sure to deliver your USPs and make sure the clients get it right after you leave.
  6. Practice, Practice, Practice!
    The journey should start long before delivering the presentation, practice makes a man perfect!. Make sure everyone knows their role and there’s a clear story to your presentation.
  7. The Testimonials
    Show the relevant case studies with solid stats behind them.

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The success stories are the #marketing foundation of your #business.


Make the First Impression

  1. The Basics
    Make sure you have backup laptops and more than one way to access your presentation. Also, different versions of the file will help incase.
  2. The time before presentation
    Talk to the panel before the presentation, preferably at the Brunch or a Break, make sure it’s quick and don’t reveal everything, have a suspense 😉
  3. Speak with passion
    Make eye contact with everyone in the room, be it panel or your audience and inject positivity into your presentation by standing up.
  4. Stick to time limitation
    There’s no reason to keep continuing, there are other agencies too in the line. Make sure to deliver the right solution in the right time.
  5. Prepare for common Questions
    Practice answers to potential questions that may come up. But be sure to deliver the answer on spot.

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Be Creative with what you present, everyone loves Creativity


End with an Impact

  1. After the Pitch
    Stay on good terms with the client, regardless of the outcome. Leave with a Thank You and a Visiting Card or Brochure. Try to deliver suggestions or feedbacks on the current plan, it will definitely help you get the next order.
  2. Follow the outcome
    If you’re not successful, find out who gets the client. It may help you to decide which opportunities to go for in the future and how to grab one.
  3. Review and Filter
    If you keep getting the same outcome every time, i.e. NO, then you may need to change the way of your presentation.

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