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How to turn Profitable Niches into Money Making Machine

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Building a Profitable Niche website is a dream for a blogger and generating huge income from this niche site is another big goal. Building a niche website requires a Hot Topic, website building, and some content knowledge.

But this doesn’t mean that your Niche site will turn into Huge Money Making Machine with just a Hot Topic Niche, a website, and content knowledge, you also require significant marketing tactics and different ways. Today I’m helping you out to transform your blog into that Machine.


  1. Niche (A HOT Topic that is popular with everyone especially with Google).
  2. Website Building Knowledge (You need not be a PRO in website development, WordPress is the best way out).
  3. Some Content Knowledge and Marketing Tactics (How you’ll be engaging your visitors, Promoting your niche site)

Steps to turn a Niche into Money Making Machine

Build a Niche Site

A niche is a term that covers a topic or a small segment of a subject into parts, and a Niche site is a website or a blog that focuses on that small part of a problem/market.

You need not be a pro in site development; you can use WordPress or any other content manager tool that is suitable for you. But here there’s a catch, with Niche site you have limited scope to write about, but earn more in that segment.


If you decide to work on “Internships,” you can surely create a website/blog on this niche and promote internships sites, and job offers with affiliate links to earn more. There is more; you can also write a sponsored post for a company about their business, their products, and their services.

Ways to Make Money with Niche Site:

  1. Affiliate Marketing – Promoting goods and services related to your niche site.
  2. Advertisements – Using adverts like Google AdSense, Bidvertiser and selling ad spaces to earn.

Tips to get Started

  1. Get Hosting, Get domain start a website
  2. Create good content that is related to your niche.
  3. Build backlinks, grow traffic and reach more users to convert into sales.

Create a Membership Site

A membership site is a blog or a website that have an option for signup for interested people in that particular niche. You can start a membership site based on a niche and start collecting recurring payments for joining the site to gain or access the information or data that you are selling.

Membership sites primarily work on this principle where interested users signup and pay a fee to access that content.


Now using above “Internship” niche example, you can surely make an internships portal, share such jobs and roles for different categories and get users join that portal & get paid.

Ways to Make Money with a Membership Site

  1. Affiliate Marketing – Sell products and services through your referring link and earn more.
  2. Create an Online Store – Best way is to build an online store and sell your goods and other’s marking as “Recommended by you.”

Tips to get Started

  1. The site you created with above method, launch a membership option. (If you are using WordPress, I recommend using S2Member plugin)
  2. You can also use Quora or any other popular forums online)

Build an Online Forum

The forum is an online community or a portal wherein users signup to get solutions for their problems or seek answers to their questions.

The main difference between an online forum and a site/blog is you have different opinions from different users whereas only one opinion on a blog that is by you.


From the example “Internship” niche, you can make a forum site and help people with topics like “tips and tricks to get selected for an internship” or help people with resume writing/cover writing and so on.

Ways to Make Money with a Membership Site

  1. Sell and Promote affiliate services products and campaigns
  2. Sell your products, advertise other business products and ads campaigns

Tips to get Started

  1. If you have a site, setup your forum (If you are on WordPress, I recommend using DW Question & Answers Plugin)
  2. You can use online Questions and Answers sites like Quora, WarriorForums and more.

Create your Product

Creating your product can be very easy or very hectic, that totally depends on you. It totally depends on your time and product. The goal is to build a profitable niche and get your product sold, and this is one of the best is to get recognition for yourself and your product.

You can set up and sell products/services like software, themes. Plugins, or even an eBook.


From the example, you can make a software or an app for both IOS & Android where anyone can download and search for an internship on their mobile.

Ways to Make Money with your product

  1. Besides having your product landing page, you can sell it on different marketplace too (like ThemeForest) to earn more and get broad reach to your product.

Tips to get Started

  1. Create any software or App, upload it to App Stores.
  2. Market and Promote your product to reach more people.

Build a List

It is the most profitable business online for a hot niche.

Creating an Email list is a very hard job because nobody gives you their emails for free and for anything. But if you offer something in return that interests them, they will signup your newsletter.

You can host giveaways, run contests to collect people emails. Giveaways are the best thing.


From the example, you can either ask a company for an internship role contest, in which you can run a campaign and ask interested one’s to signup for your newsletter to receive more such giveaways in future.

Ways to Make Money with an Email List

  1. Affiliate Marketing – Promote and sell products via Affiliate links
  2. Sell stuff related to your niche, help other’s marketing material

Tips to get Started

  1. Offer giveaways run contests on your website to collect emails.
  2. If you have a blog, you can have a popup plugin or inline subscription to ask people to signup for your blog.


Building a campaign for Email List is the most profitable business to turn your niche into Money Making Machine.

Go pick a Niche and start your own online business and earn your next Income.

If you want any help in picking up a correct niche that can make you more money, you can surely Connect with me anytime.

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