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Mohit Badaya

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The Best hack to rank a mid competition keyword & get SEO Success

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For years Bloggers and Content Marketers have been trying to rank the mid-competition keywords, but it is pretty hard to rank them. Mid-Competition keywords come handy as they don’t have that much competition and the best part the volume or the traffic they get is a bit high than others.

High monthly search traffic + Low keyword competition = SEO success.
High monthly search traffic + High keyword competition = SEO failure.

Today I have a curated easy techniques to rank a mid-competition keyword and rank high in Google Search Results. Let’s start with it.

Let’s take this Keyword “Macbook Pro“. This is a popular keyword, but since there are a lot of updates coming for this apple device so ranking for this keyword becomes pretty easy.


a) The easiest way to get started is having a custom domain about the keyword, the domain should contain the keywords, but if you are low on a budget and you cannot go with a domain, you can work on pages as well.


1) Write at least 10 original articles based on Macbook Pro, can be any with titles such as “5 things you didn’t know about Macbook Pro”, “5 new features you can expect in next Macbook Pro” and 8-9 more like these, remember the titles should be more attracting.

2) After writing and publishing all the articles, make a ‘list’ post that will contain all those articles you wrote about Macbook Pro, keep the title as “Amazing upcoming updates about Macbook Pro” or something you like, but remember it should be optimized with the required keywords.

3) The points 1) and 2) are the most important initial steps, but, after this, you need to work with interlinking of ‘list’ post with all the other ‘Macbook Pro’ related posts on your blog first. Learn from Wikipedia for inspiration, interlink as much as possible on your blog, although you can use a plugin for this which will automatically link the potential keywords but doing this naturally is the best job.

4) So we are done with our site, and now you have to do link building. The best way to do this is via blog commenting, guest posting and submitting feeds on other domain or keyword related blogs, especially the ones writing about Macbook or Apple, but remember, don’t spam others.

5) Last but not the least, The 1st four steps are to rank “Macbook Pro”, but the key trick to rank any keyword is, to make your blog better overall, regarding branding and authority. Take “WPBeginner” for example; it’s probably the best blog about WordPress on the internet, even better than WordPress official Codex. So, make your blog as an authority in that particular niche, try posting more related articles, do Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising (will help in the long term) and more to rank high on Google.